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There’s something about a beautiful silk scarf that makes you feel powerful and sensual at the same time. That’s probably why oversized silk scarves have traditionally been status symbols, used to signal wealth and influence, but also why we sometimes associate them with a bygone era, or an overly formal look.

What if we could turn that story on its head and tap into luxury as a vehicle to connect with ourselves? Silk scarves don’t have to be stuffy, snobby or out of reach.

They can be creative, fresh, elegant and exciting. Our trio of silk scarves for example are hand printed, ethically sourced, and designed to help you set intentions and express yourself.

New to the oversized silk scarf? Not to worry. We’ve put together three of our go-to styling options that will have you feeling chic, yet singular, in no time.

1) Pair with a wide brimmed hat to maximize on mystery.

Fold the scarf into a triangle and wrap it around your neck so that the points are in the back. Then, bring both points around to the front and tie them over the v.

Pair with a wide brimmed hat for a glamorous yet adventurous look. We love the Root scarf for this as its optimistic color palette and affirmation to "let go of what you've outgrown" is all about new beginnings.

2) Pair with a metallic accent for a special occasion.

Building on look one, leave the hat at home, and slide a metallic cuff over the final knot to add a focal point and sparkle to the style.

The Ripple scarf paired with our copper cuff is a a feast of jewel tones.

3) Keep it sweet and simple with a loose drape and front tie. 

Start with a diagonally folded scarf. Drape it around your neck, and tie loosely in the front, about halfway down its length.

The Crescent scarf is the eternal neutral that translates to instant elegance.

Silk scares don't have to be intimidating or antiquated. Their versatility, soft feel and enigmatic patterns can make for a one of a kind accessory that lasts a lifetime, and perhaps even several as a valuable heirloom.

Stay tuned for more of our favorite silk stylings, and intention-setting accessories, and share with us which ones you're making your own. 

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