Where we live in the world is never one place, our hearts – those dogged mirrors – keep flashing us moons before we are ready for them. You and I on a roof at sunset, our two languages adrift. Hearts saying take this home with you, never again and only memory making us rich.

- Naomi Shihab Nye

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Visible Change: Niha Elety

Our mission at This Same Sky has always been to create a smaller, stranger world by honoring artisan voices, helping preserve traditional crafts and curating collections that invite us to reimagine...

Embracing Uncertainty

All of us have had to come face to face with uncertainty in the last few weeks. At every level of our lives—the professional, the personal, the collective—we’ve had to rethink not only how we do th...

Reimagining the Luxury Scarf

The allure of a beautiful scarf is unmistakable. It can immediately lend a feminine sophistication and sense of mystery to any ensemble, and is as versatile as it is distinct. Our founder Sofiya De...

Beyond Bauhuas: Multiple Modernities

What do you picture when someone asks you to imagine modern design? If you’re like most people, you might imagine a clean, minimalist and geometric arrangement. Functional. Understated. Simple. Thi...

Three Sustainability Warriors We’re Obsessed With

More than anything else, sustainability is a culture.  It’s not something you can buy, or simply a synonym for recycling. As such, it requires a holistic approach that factors in historical inequit...

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