To create, we need a canvas. And to live, we need a dream. For our second collection, we wanted to provide a canvas for dreaming, a caravan for wandering, and a shelter for longing.

Our dream robes followed a circuitous path to production, but each step in the journey required both a willingness to dance and to dialogue.

Conversations with Akwete weavers in Nigeria inspired patterns based on how the echoes of lineage continue to shape us. arrow accent

Translations between the digital and the analog had us engaging couriers to hand deliver files to the village of the weavers, and creating new processes for going from idea to loom to market.

An offshoot of the initial collaboration, with our partners in Jaipur, ended up yielding an unusually quick prototype, and stealing the show.

Like all our collections, this too will be an evolving one. And what comes next will depend as much on you, as anything else.

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