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Geo-Bandana Trio Gift Set

Affirmations: Let go; Break through; Be still.

  • AZO-free non-toxic dyes
  • 25% silk; 75% cotton
  • 22 x 22 inches +/-
  • Printed with love in Jaipur
    Collect all three Geo bandanas in this limited edition gift set. With this set, you'll have everything you need to navigate transitions with wisdom and panache, while accessorizing with style.

    In a bold yet versatile color palette, the Geo bandana trio can lend itself to global decor accents, a statement piece when you need to bring a look to life, or a meaningful gift for a loved one in need of encouragement or support.

    This set comes with three affirmations, three hand-printed bandanas, and a meditation card.

    Ready to let go, break through, and be still?

    Affirmation: I receive nourishment when I let go.

    Adventurous, grounded and warm, the Geo-Root bandana reminds us to enjoy the little things and cultivate a child-like curiosity about the unknown.

    Its earthy yellows and oranges bring a splash of vital energy and turn an ordinary moment or look into a creative and inspired one.

    Affirmation: I am magnetic when I break through.

    Unapologetic, distinct and phenomenal, the Geo-Ripple reminds us to be brave of heart, and confident in speaking our truth.

    Its deep navy and magenta hues seem to dance and pulse. We love it styled with denim or even as a chic pocket square.

    Affirmation: I receive guidance when I can be still.

    Soothing, low key and a little mystical, the Geo-Crescent reminds us that there’s power in receptivity.

    With soft greys, blues and whites, the Geo-Crescent bandana brings a tranquil, yet luminous, note to any outfit or handbag you accessorize it with. Perfect for new moons, full moons, and eclipses.

    Please note that: variation in printing & color are hallmarks of hand printing and dyeing in small batches. Each scarf is a unique work of art.

    'I love this trio of gorgeous intentional accessories. I wear them all the time and not only do I get lots of compliments, they help me stay connected to myself." -Jaya
    Ethically Made
    Easy Exchanges
    Hand Printed

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    How We're Unique

    This Same Sky is a purpose-driven, design-centric, community-minded, and small batch approach to curating gorgeous reminders ... to return to yourself.


    In fewer words, we’re here to help you live intentionally.

    Small Batch
    Design Centric
    Artisan Made
    Globally Minded
    "A feast of elegance, warmth and color. Designed for women that march to the beat of their own drummer, the launch line—The Intuition Series—features intricate scarves—and every piece feels like a work of art."
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    "Dedicated to preserving traditional artisan techniques around the world and empowering artisans with access to new markets."
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    "An intimate understanding of material and creativity, rooted in a sense of place and shared history."
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    A Meaningful Gift

    The Geo-Bandana trio makes for an exquisite and one-of-a-kind gift that inspires reflection and empowers creative confidence.

    Endlessly Versatile

    Effortlessly elegant as an accessory, or decor accent, the Geo-bandana trio elevates the mundane and brings with in a mindful touch.

    Hand Made and Intentional

    Hand printed by master artisans in Jaipur, and paired with intentions, the Geo-Bandanas are wearable rituals designed to help you re-connect with your self.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who makes my scarf?

    Multi-generational dyers, printers and sewers in the busy printing hub of Sanganer, near Jaipur, make these scarves with great care and attention to detail.

    How can I care for my scarf?

    Hand wash, and air dry, or machine wash with tap cold water and air dry.


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    Geo-Bandana Trio Gift Set
    Geo-Bandana Trio Gift Set
    Geo-Bandana Trio Gift Set
    Geo-Bandana Trio Gift Set
    Geo-Bandana Trio Gift Set
    Geo-Bandana Trio Gift Set
    Geo-Bandana Trio Gift Set
    Geo-Bandana Trio Gift Set
    Geo-Bandana Trio Gift Set

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