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The Root Scarf

Affirmation: I let go of what I’ve outgrown.

  • AZO-free non-toxic dyes
  • 100% silk
  • 36 x 36 inches +/-
  • Printed with love in Jaipur

The Root scarf is inspired by sunshine, fields of dandelions, and the joy of offering up all our expectations to life’s bewildering beauty. Its mantra of: let go reminds us that release is a necessary rhythm, and one we can embrace, rather than resist. 

Its vibrant shades, amorphous shapes and high quality silk are the epitome of ethical luxury, and give rise to a treasure of a statement piece. Wear it in the board room, on camera, or a special event to elevate a classic look. 

Please note that: variation in printing & color are hallmarks of hand printing and dyeing in small batches. Each scarf is a unique work of art.

"This piece is such a treasure. I feel like I'm wearing a piece of art." -Tracy
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How We're Unique

This Same Sky is a purpose-driven, design-centric, community-minded, and small batch approach to curating gorgeous reminders ... to return to yourself.

In fewer words, we’re here to help you live intentionally.

Small Batch
Design Centric
Artisan Made
Globally Minded
"A feast of elegance, warmth and color. Designed for women that march to the beat of their own drummer, the launch line—The Intuition Series—features intricate scarves—and every piece feels like a work of art."
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"Dedicated to preserving traditional artisan techniques around the world and empowering artisans with access to new markets."
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"An intimate understanding of material and creativity, rooted in a sense of place and shared history."
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Pure Silk

Our high quality silk makes this a luxury accessory, designed to be worn for a lifetime before being passed down as an heirloom.

Hand Printed

Hand printed by master artisans in Jaipur, each piece is one of a kind and takes several months to complete.

Made to Inspire

More than just a statement piece, the Root scarf is designed to affirm you in whatever season of life you're in. Paired with the intention to "let go," it's here to remind you that you are greater than the sum of your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes my scarf?

Multi-generational dyers, printers and sewers in the busy printing hub of Sanganer, near Jaipur, make these scarves with great care and attention to detail.

How can I care for my scarf?

While dry cleaning is safest, you can also hand wash, and hang dry.
Place your silk scarf in cold water with a mild silk-friendly detergent.
Leave to soak (no more than 5 minutes). Swish the scarf slowly and gently.
Rinse with fresh water.
To help keep its hydrated feel, use a fabric conditioner in the final rinse (or even a small amount of hair conditioner).


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The Root Scarf
The Root Scarf
The Root Scarf
The Root Scarf
The Root Scarf
The Root Scarf

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