This Same Sky is a purpose-driven, design-centric, community-minded, and small batch approach to curating gorgeous reminders ... to return to yourself.

In fewer words, we’re here to help you live intentionally.

Our Why

What does that mean?

It means what (and how) you choose, wear, speak and buy matters.

And every product we make, whether a ceramic cup for your morning coffee, or an elegant scarf for your big meeting, is designed to empower your sense of choice and self expression.

There are many routes to empowerment. Ours consists of: celebrating artisans around the world, while telling stories that awaken us to both our interconnectedness and uniqueness.

Our How

We know there are too many overlooked pockets of wonder and genius in the world.

We identify communities of craft, and strive to amplify their voices and works through elevated design, access to new fans, and economic gains.

We invite artisans to be active collaborators and regard them as experts in their craft rather than just labor, and do our best to bring their perspectives and heritage into the design story.

Our journey begins in Jaipur with block printers, dyers and tailors, but we’re also exploring partnerships in Chitral, Pakistan; Guatemala City, Guatemala; and our hometown of Dallas, Texas.

Regardless of the region or medium, we strive to tell inclusive stories using our visual legend.

Inspired by eco-feminism, our visual legend is a tool to affirm our embodied experience, and navigate life’s transitions and rhythms.




organic matter










the dynamic self



Our Who

Founder and CEO, Sofiya Deva, grew up in a combination of India, New York and Dallas, and has felt like a global citizen for as long as she can remember. She’s been a yoga teacher, a magazine editor, a creative director and a marketing exec, but at her heart, has always dreamed of creating a smaller, stranger world.

Creative Director, Melody Tarver has been in the design space for 25 years and set the visual tone for the inspiring magazine trio, Origin, Mantra and Thrive. A long time yogi, dog lover, and artist, Melody loves bringing together objects and stories to create emotional connections and potent rituals.

Community Manager, Delaney Smith, is an educator, artist and designer. She has a BFA in Graphic Design, an MFA in Fibers, and has been teaching and making art for the better part of the past decade.

Whether creating sculptures with paper and natural dyes or leading a Katazome workshop at a local craft studio, she revels in the questions and tactile connections that arise when we slow down and make ourselves available to the subtle qualities of texture and light.